What if the blockchain's killer app was governance?

Build incorruptible, transparent governance for products, services and organizations

Kelsen is built on Ethereum

The world's #1 platform for distributed applications

Manage collective budgets simply and democratically

Make your board's decisions more transparent and more accountable

Give your employees a say in your company's life

Build effective public services with oversight and responsibility


At its core, Kelsen is a very simple design combining two main modules :
Organs groups of people (or smart contracts) sharing the same permission levels
Procedures formalized processes by which a certain organ can modify other organs.

With this simple design, you can virtually build any kind of governance, and start composing your own digital organization, no matter how complex it will be.

Harness the future with blockchain technology.

Open source, transparent & distributed

Blockchain technology is revolutionary. It challenges the status quo and disrupts potentially all human activities. Our choice of using Ethereum, the most powerful decentralized application platform to date, relies on the unprecedented levels of transparency it provides – levels that could satisfy even the most demanding organizations, such as governments or public authorities. If you want to start building Ethereum applications and would like to know more on how Kelsen can help you in this task, you can contact us here or read our developer ressources here.

A fundamentally new paradigm

Kelsen organs are very simple, yet very powerful bricks for building decentralized applications. One core idea behind their design is the concept of hierarchy of norms, a concept inherited from constitutional law. Each organ contains two types of procedures interacting with its contents: admin procedures, and master procedures. This simple separation allows any parts of the system to be replaced very easily and very clearly, while letting critical functions to certain procedures.

Use beautiful and friendly interfaces to interact with your system

We built our framework so that any person, even without technical skills, can interact with the system easily and intuitively. These interfaces can be served from a traditional web server, or directly using IPFS. They will automatically identify the procedures and organs corresponding to your organization and display all elements corresponding to it.

Deploy ready-made organizations that fulfill all your needs

Participatory budgets

to manage an association, a collective or a political party's finances publicly and transparently

Public registries

to manage digital assets democratically

Small businesses

to manage funds, employees and legal documents easily and in a fully compliant way

Or build your own system.